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A Little Less Conversation

The VFB Finale

I can't thank you all enough for tuning in and the continuous support. It's been a ton of fun producing the show and interacting with you. I sincerely hope our paths cross at some point in Vegas in the future. Take care, everyone!



Episode #77 - The Bauers’ Best Bars

In this episode, Sara and I discuss our favorite bars in Las Vegas. We cover quite a lot of ground and even get to some fun beverage exclusives. Enjoy!


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Episode #76 - Vegas Dives With F’nA

In this contentious, much-debated episode, I discuss some Vegas "dives" and underappreciated haunts. Thanks to Chris from the Faces and Aces Las Vegas Podcast for hanging out. Be sure to check out his and The Pod Bay Door Podcast as well!


Episode #75 - June Trip Report

In this episode, I talk about my June '17 trip. If this sounds different, it's because it was recorded live on YouTube. There may be a bit more rambling, off-track commentary. It's all part of the fun. 

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Episode #74 - Vegas Virgin Must Dos

In this episode, I list tips and sights you all suggested for Vegas first-timers. 


Be sure to head to Ellis Island before June 18th for your free beer and shot!


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Episode #73 - Checking In with Vegas Hotel Confidential

In this episode of the podcast, I chat with front desk clerk HC. He writes at Vegas Hotel Confidential. A great blog about the comings and goings of being a front desk clerk in Vegas. We discuss dos and don'ts of checking in, the best way to get an upgrade, and a few other topics. 

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Also, be sure to listen to learn how you can get a FREE beer at Ellis Island from now until June 18th (2017).


Episode #72 - The Vegas Pool Scene

In this hard-hitting episode of the major award-winning podcast, I discuss Vegas pools and how to maximize value with a cabana experience. 


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Episode #71 - April Trip Report

In this episode, I discuss my recent April trip to Vegas. I stay at the Mirage, see some wax folks, and have an exceptional meal. 

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Episode #70 - Team Gambling

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss team gambling. Listener James brought up the idea to me and I figured it would make for a great discussion on the show. To add to the conversation, I brought on Chris, creator of Vagabond's Edge, a website all about stretching your gambling dollar. It also features reviews of various Vegas hotspots and hotels. 

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Episode #69 - Travel Hacks and Free Beer

In this episode, I discuss some ways to save money on each part of your next Vegas trip. Special thanks to the show's sponsor this week:

Casino Royale! From now until April 15th (2017), the first 50 people to go to Casino Royale's casino bar and say "Vegas Fanboy sent me" will get a FREE Michelob. 

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Episode #68 - Off Strip with Tara and Taylor

I was able to sit down recently with Taylor and Tara, frequent Vegas visitors and friends of me and the show. Recently, they’ve been taking a decent amount of their time and play away from the Strip and Downtown, venturing to some of the local resorts where they feel they find they get good service and conditions for the money. In this conversation, we talk about Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, and The Orleans, as potential places for those who are looking for a change in their Vegas itineraries.


Episode #67 - Stadium Gambling

In this episode, I discuss stadium gambling - why the casinos like it, why players may like it, and if it'll become a mainstay. I get a little help from John Connelly, CEO of Interblock Gaming, and Jason Gregorec, CEO of Greektown Casino in Detroit. 


Show links: 

Stadium Gambling

How Community Blackjack Works


Episode #66 - Listener Questions

In this episode, I answer listener questions. Not included is the question "Why don't you get a real job?". I don't appreciate you spamming my podcast email, Mom. 



The Atlantic piece on pathological gambling

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Episode #65 - Trip Report: VIMFP Weekend

In this episode I detail the great time I had in October for VIMFP. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. I hope our paths cross again!

I especially appreciate all the support from you listeners, whether it's been via reviews, donations, or using my affiliates. Y'all know how to make a guy feel good. 

Episode #64 - Live from #VIMFP: “Social Collisions”

Live from the D showroom at VIMFP, I talk about Millennials and how to market to them. Words of the day: Social Collision.

Warning: Unlike previous episodes, I swear in this one. Whoops. 

Big thanks to the D, Chuck, and Hunter for the hospitality and hosting a great event!

Episode #63 - Tiered Budgets with Cousin Vito

In this episode, Cousin Vito and I discuss how our approach to the casino might change if our budget was higher or lower than normal. Be sure to check out Cousin Vito's Casino Podcast for more great advice!

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Episode #62 - Money Management: Take 2

In this episode, I revisit the topic of money management. Want to limit losses? Have a plan ahead of time!

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Episode #61 - Let Me Upgrade Ya

In this episode I talk about upgrades you may want to take and share my preferences for downgrades. 

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Thanks for listening!

Episode #60 - Your Budget Hotel Options

In this episode I discuss our Vegas budget hotel options, detailing my thoughts about most of them. Fun drinking game for this one: take a sip every time I call something "serviceable" or "drab". Actually, don't do that. I don't need any litigation against me. 


Episode #59 - Live, Uncut, Unscripted Trip Report

WARNING: This episode was recorded live on the YouTube and is unscripted, unedited, and likely to be unpopular. If you've ever wanted to know what it sounds like before all the bells and whistles are added and a specific to guide me, this is it. We'll be back to normal next episode!

Oh yeah, this show details my most recent trip. Enjoy!