Vegas Fanboy: The Las Vegas Podcast Dedicated to Low Rollers

Bonus Episode: Bonus Bets

- New Minimums = Stop Loss?
- Wizzard of Odds calculated house edge on bonus bets
- Bad Bets

Episode #2 - Low Roller Money Management

- The benefits of Southwest Airline's Rewards Dining program.

- Some tips and strategies for Low Rolling Gamblers.
- Why I'm not too peeved with the MyVegas Changes.
- Exaclibur Deal of the Week (not Deal of the Day which I say several times on accident in the episode)

Episode #1 - Flamingo Review

-Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study - Average Daily Gaming Limit: $123

-Flamingo Hotel and Casino review

-Shoot-to-Win Craps review

-MyVegas mention