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Episode #24 - Solo Trip Report

On this episode I talk about, among other things, my recent trip to Las Vegas. I discuss my stay at Mandalay Bay and Luxor, food, a gambling faux pas, and the good time I had with listeners Kyle and Chris.

For some pictures of the trip, head to the associated blog post.  
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Episode #23 - Solo Vegas Tips

On this episode, among other things, I discuss some tips to make the most out of a solo trip to Las Vegas. Since this is my first solo trip, I solicited some help from Gray, the publisher of the Vegas Solo blog. She was kind enough to point me to a few popular articles of hers to use on the show:

Thanks to Gray and thanks to you for helping me hit 10,000 downloads! 

Episode #22 - Best Blackjack in Las Vegas

This short episode focuses on blackjack in Las Vegas. I asked the listeners for their favorite spots to play and we got some great suggestions.

Some other notes:
Loveman is out as CEO
The D and Downtown Grand are giving away cars