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Episode #57 - Ask a Pit Manager

In this episode of the podcast, I talk to a pit manager and he answers some of your questions. YE broke into the casino business twelve years ago as a pit clerk and has worked his way up to a dealer, then a supervisor, and is now a pit manager. He enjoys the casino business and looks for new opportunities to learn more about it and is happy to discuss the industry with us. I culled questions from Twitter and he was eager to provide some insight.

If you have any questions for future episodes, feel free to contact me! Hope you enjoy the show. See you in Vegas!

Episode #56 - Vegas on $100 a Day

In this episode, I take listener suggestions and discuss how we could make $100 last all day in Vegas. It's a challenge, but with a little creativity, you can make it work. 

Big thanks to all you listeners who supplied tips and itineraries for this episode. Also, big thanks to Michael from the Vegas Bright Podcast for recently promoting the t-shirt charity campaign. 

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